Laminating machine line

exam.:Solvent-free laminating machine production line;1. Applicable materials: BOPP, PETP, LDPE, LLDPE, OPA, NYLON CAST, PP CAST, PAPER; 2. Equipment composition: the first discharge, coating, the second discharge, compounding, cooling, collection; 3. Functionality : through the above institutions on plastic film and the combination of film coating, composite function; 4. Foundation and grounding : Foundation Made by the user in accordance with the reinforced concrete foundation plan provided by the construction of pre-buried ground wire, grounding resistance ≤ 4Ω.

Laminating machine line
  • 1.Discharge section

    Discharging section includes the first discharging and the second discharging. 1.Rack: Independent single-station structure and rack combination 2.Drive and control: Unwinding axis is driven by servo motor alone, adopting high-precision closed-loop control system with encoder feedback; Unwinding adopts professional EPC control device, with deskewing adjustment integrated with the whole machine; the permissible degree of unevenness of the material rolls is: ±5mm;

  • 2.Gluing section

    Independent five-roller coating structure: fixed metering roller, dynamic metering roller, transfer roller, gluing roller and gluing pressure roller; 1. The fixed metering roller and dynamic metering roller are double-walled steel rollers, heated by hot water, with the surface temperature of both rollers automatically controlled; 2. The dynamic metering roller and transfer roller are driven by the same servo motor, with stable and reliable glue transmission; 3. The gluing roller is a double-walled steel roller, driven by an independent servo motor, and adopts a high-precision closed-loop control system with encoder feedback; 4. The two-component glue is supplied by the glue mixer according to the set mixing ratio.

  • 3.Laminating device

    1. The composite part adopts swing-arm type three-roller pressing structure with pneumatic clutch pressure; 2. The composite roller and cooling roller are driven separately by the same servo motor, adopting a high-precision closed-loop control system with encoder feedback.

  • 4.Receiving section

    1. Frame: independent single-station structure and frame combination; using the receiving pressure roller structure, the pressure at both ends through two precision pressure reducing valve to realize the pressure roller pressure adjustment; 2 drive and control: receiving axis alone servo motor active drive, using a high-precision closed-loop control system with encoder feedback receiving tension set in the human-machine interface, and through the electrical proportional valve to achieve the control of the taper tension; receiving tension taper: 0 to 100%.

  • 5.Other important structures and components

    1. Gluing and composite wall plate are made of high-strength, low-stress, high-quality alloy, which provides reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of the whole machine; 2. High-precision metering, gluing and other steel rollers, the surface of which is specially treated, and the precision of the rollers reaches the micron level; 3. All guide rollers are made of aluminum alloy guide rollers with roll diameter φ120mm and anodized surface; 4. All guide rollers are strictly balanced; 5. The surface of the main parts is nickel-plated.

  • 6. Lighting system

    LED integrated lamps; water remover at the gas supply point of each unit.