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  • Features1

    25% less energy consumption at the same pulping quality.

  • Features2

    High level of pulping efficiency due to improved rotor design.

  • Features3

    Improved flow pattern due to eccentric vat shape. Stable operating conditions.

  • Features4

    Low maintenance. Pulping process gentle on fibers.

  • Type

    Type1 Nominal volume(m3):40; Installtion height(mm): 6900; Diam of vessel(mm):5000; Pradultion(t/d):300-500; Motor power(kw):315; Consistency(%):3-5;
    Type2 Nominal volume(m3):145; Installtion height(mm): 8500; Diam of vessel(mm):7500; Pradultion(t/d):800-1500; Motor power(kw):1100; Consistency(%):3-5;