Flower pressing and edging machine

Flower pressing and edging machine

Applicable substrates HDPE, LDPE roll material

  • Features1

    Embossing and edging machine

  • Specifications

    Type1 1,Diameter of discharge shaft 1000mm 2, pneumatic loading 3, Tension is constant tension control 4, the deskew for photoelectric analog deskew 5, traction mechanism, by the 4KW frequency conversion motor, 4KW frequency converter, electronic ruler with automatic control. 6, embossing for the cold internal embossing mode, embossing roller 6CM, can be adjusted left and right. 7, rotary function, the use of rotary function can make the printing material rotated to the correct position after the insertion of the edge of the reel 8, with inflatable insertion mechanism, disc type insertion device, adjustable insertion depth, insertion depth of up to 100mm, minimum insertion depth of 30mm 9, winding device, winding using a large rubber roller pneumatic pressure winding device, easy to operate stable 10, inflatable gun 11, winding shaft for the 3 "air up axis 12, Computerized control system 13, static electricity eliminator static electricity stick 1 set. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)