Bag-making machine

Non-stretch pellet bag making machine

Applicable substrates HDPE, LDPE roll materials

  • Features1

    Non-stretch pellet bag making machine

  • Specifications

    Model1 Maximum uncoiling diameter: 800mm. Bag-making length: 200--580mm. Effective bag-making width: 150--650mm. Adaptable film thickness: 0.012mm-0.07mm. Bag-making speed: 0-80pcs/min. Temperature setting range: 0-400℃. Machine power: 20kw. Stocking mechanism: swinging arm;; Pouch making speed: 0-80pcs/min; Temp. Heating mode: internal heating Cutting Method: Flying Knife. Machine Dimension: 4500╳1400╳1800mm. Machine Weight: 2000kg. Wall panel: 10MM steel plate CNC cutting, computerized laser cutting molding structure, plastic spraying treatment on the surface, no paint loss. ; Control System: PLC. Chinese and English touch screen display computerized automatic counting, high speed servo motor feeding, printing photoelectric eye tracking. ;