Co-extrusion Film Blowing Machine

Five-layer Co-extrusion Film Blowing Machine

  • Features1

    Mold and wind ring: Five-layer co-extrusion die (1 set); (IBC) ultrasonic controlled bubble cooling system (1 set); IBC (in-bubble cooling) control system; Italy Shinko air volume type automatic thickness measurement air ring (6 nozzles) + thickness measurement system

  • Specifications

    Type1 Mechanical width of equipment: 2600mm; Effective width of product output: 1500 mm ~ 2400 mm; 1.2 Screw structure configuration: 5 layers (A/B/C/D/E = 75/75/90/75/75);Die head die diameter: 500 mm;Thickness blowing range: 0.03mm ~ 0.15mm;Normal output: design extrusion amount: 1160 kg/HR; Normal yield 420-500 kg/HR,;Overall dimensions of the equipment: 14.8m long, 9.2m wide and 14.5m high;Total installed power of the equipment: power supply: 380V 50HZ, total power: about 620KW, operating power: about 30 ~ 40% (the size, thickness and raw material formula of the blown film are changed);