Оборудование для дробилки

Одноцилиндровая гидравлическая конусная дробилка серии HH&HS

HS200 Мотор:90kw

HS300 Мотор:16kw

HH400 Мотор:250kw

HH600 Мотор:315kw

  • Advantages

    1. Perfect product shapeThe discharge of the cone crusher can be adjusted automatically. The system can increase the utilization rate of the cone crusher and automatically adapt to the changes in the feeding conditions, and advanced hydraulic crushing technology makes the finished product even and full.

  • Advantages

    2. Lower operating costsThe optimized crushing cavity shape keeps the maximum feeding granularity allowed by the single-cylinder cone, increases the output, and extends the life of the liner, thereby greatly reducing the operating cost.

  • Advantages

    3. Simple operation and maintenanceSimple equipment structure, all maintenance work is completed after removing the upper and lower racks, making inspection and maintenance more convenient and intuitive.

  • Advantages

    4. High degree of automationHH/HS single-cylinder cone adopts PLC control system. This control system provides safety protection and discharge opening adjustment functions, and is equipped with automatic overload protection to allow iron blocks or other unbreakable materials to pass safely, and to return the spindle to its original position automatically The PLC page monitors the actual crushing load inside the crusher throughout the process, allowing the crusher to maximize its production potential.